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Social Accountability

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About Social Accountability

REDO uses various social accountability tools to achieve its objective. Some of the tools used include participatory budgeting, community score card, planning and budget analysis, social audits and citizen reports.

                    i.       Participatory Planning and Budget analysis

                  ii.      Community score card 

Above are members of Malakisi Health facility management committee and the Community score card committee being trained on the community score card process
Citizen Driven Accountability

REDO Kenya also uses Community Score Card (CSC) which is a citizen-driven accountability approach for the assessment, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of public services. It enables community members, health providers, and government officials to work together to identify service gaps and come up with strategies on addressing the gaps identified. The process include identifying the service to be scored, sensitizing the community, selecting the resource person by the community, training them, conducting the community score card with the community using the score card committees trained (CSC Cells), indicator generation, conducting FDGs, score card with service providers, validation meetings, interface meeting, developing an action plan and follow up on recommendations from the final report. REDO has been conducting the community score card especially in health that aims at improved health service provision. Since 2018, we have successfully conducted the score card in 10 health facilities that include level 2 and 3 which are dispensaries and health centres respectfully. The organization also focuses on training health facility management committees (HFMC) on their roles and budgeting process so that they may have capacity to perform their duties and join the community members during the public participation meeting to advocate for County to allocate resources to address the gaps identifies during the community score card. Out of these activities, there has been a change witnessed after the duty bearer allocated the funds that completed health infrastructure and also increased service providers and increased non pharms and pharmaceuticals.

Above is Irene Ekam, one of REDO Kenyas Community champion presenting a memo to County Economics during public participation on ADP 2023/2024 on behalf of Mayanja Dispensary community score card committee on completion of maternity wing as a gap identified after the community score card done.