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Civic And Voter Education

Civic And Voter Education

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About Civic And Voter Education Program

On enhanced capacity of citizens, our civic educators have helped the citizens to know their rights and responsibility in governance process. This is through Civic education trainings on devolution, public participation and overview of the Kenyan constitution. The enhanced capacity is witnessed through the numerous memos presented by the citizens during public participation. REDO has 20 well trained civic educators that are working across the County. They are also equipped with knowledge on electoral process. They always engage the community and educate them on voting process including the importance of voting. Our civic educators have been in forefront in sensitizing our youths on importance of taking IDs and Voters card and also come out to vote during the voting day. We also encourage youths and women to come out in large numbers to vie and also vote. Peace building activities are also encouraged during this time.

Strategies employed during these activities include use of:-

Dan Wafula a civic educator taking the members of Ndakaru Women through a session
i. Targeted Civic Education

This strategy focuses on organized groups/forums where our Civic educators recruit the group and helps them go through a 4 week training using approved manual. They are trained on overview of Kenyan Constitution, Devolution and public participation. The group is also helped on coming up with a civic action on addressing the challenges they are facing and present it to the relevant duty bearers including Ward Administrators and MCA Offices. This has yielded a number of outcomes which include a more citizen focused County Budgets. The community projects have been budgeted for as presented by the community members through the memos. Some of the outcomes are highlighted in the success stories area

ii. Mass Civic education

REDO also partners with local media to amplify the community voices. The organization has been working very closely with FM radios and local TV stations especially on matters affecting the community. The stations have been inviting our staffs to discuss on important matters and also we have been participating in giving press statements on important matters. Since western is full of radio listenership groups, we also took advantage of this opportunity by training them on governance so that any time they are called to give any report from the community and sent greetings to few people, they now have opportunity to raise governance issues that are affecting the community.

A Mass Civic Excersise at Sasa Radio in Bungoma
iii. Voter education

Voter Simulation Apart from creating awareness through media on political process, the organization also employs a deliberate strategy of targeting specific groups. We have done voter simulations in the past targeting new voters which has really worked. b). Vetting of political aspirants The organization has experience in political vetting of aspirants where we always have a chance of training community members to vet the aspirants basing on various constitutional parameters like Chapter 6 on integrity. This has helped the citizens to know more about their leaders and helped them to know the kind of a person they will be electing. b). Training of marginalized groups REDO also targets the marginalized groups that have shown interest in vying on political campaign strategy, political parties act and electoral offences. This has really helped them to make informed choices as they join politics